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daggett 11-08-2011 09:33 PM

Need minimal Samba configuration with guest r/w share instructions
For the last week I have been engaged in yet another attempt to set up on my home Linux computer a Samba server with no more than a single share onto which anyone, within the local network ( in my residence, can put files and off which they can copy files.

I have been searching and searching the Internet, so far, with Google and AltaVista, and have found nothing I, with my knowledge of computers, have been able get to work.1

Not one of the help pages I have looked at is without ambiguity. This causes people, who, like me, don't already have a firm understanding of Samba, to make logical or syntactical errors in trying to apply that knowledge.

What I simply need is:

1. A file /etc/samba/smbd.conf that will allow any windows computer to be able to write to, read from or delete from (or nuuk:/srv/share/guest/) without having to log in or provide a password.

2. Instruction as to how I can test this server from (a) a M$ (XP, Win 7, etc.) machine and (b) another Linux machine.


1. Pages I have looked at include (nearly all of) those linked to by the following:

davesny 11-09-2011 03:22 PM

It is not hard, although the first time it might appear to be overwhelming.
You will need to post the system that you are using. I presume it is Ubuntu.
You will need to work on you own Samba file. Make a copy of it for reference purposes. (I use openSUSE. My file is smb.conf)
The Windows boxes will each need to have a user name, and a password. They will need to be the same in you Linux box.
They will all need to be part of the same network.
You will probably need static addresses.
You will need to set up your Host Names, or something similar.
You will probably need to add each of the users of the other computers to your Linux box (add to Users). Then they can access their own user space on the Linux box.
You will need to use a terminal in root to allow the users to access the Samba shares. (smbpasswd -a <username>)
You will have to open the ports in the Firewall.
If you have them access any other part of the Hard Drive on the Linux box, you will need to deal with permissions.

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