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exceed1 05-29-2009 11:21 AM

mod_jk or mod_proxy to connect apache to tomcat

I have been searching the web for an answer of which module i should use to connect apache to tomcat. I saw one answer on the apache mailing list saying that mod_jk was more stable than mod_proxy because, if you you used mod_jk then apache would handle the connections (and the delay) for you and it was also said that it might be better to use mod_jk if you had a more dynamic site and mod_proxy if you had only a handfull of servlets/JSPs. This answer is about 4 years old and i cannot seem to find another question with an answer like this. Does this answer still apply?

EDIT: I just found an updated guide explaing the different advantages of this, but i would still like to know how mod_rewrite compares to mod_proxy when connecting apache to tomcat.

Thanks for all your help

anomie 05-30-2009 03:27 PM

I don't have experience connecting Apache web server to Tomcat via mod_proxy, but I've set up several systems with the mod_jk connector. They were pretty simple configurations. In most cases, I had a single Apache web server forwarding connections to a single Tomcat service (on the same Linux server).

I never had performance or strange behavior issues with mod_jk itself.

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