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angie.tawfik 10-26-2010 11:14 AM

Mirroring files

I am planning to syncronize large files daily between 2 linux servers.
* The first is (A) located at Europe, RHEL 5.4, behind VPN and
* The second is (B) located at Africa, CentOS 5.5, no VPN

Business requirements are:
* ongoing synchronization that if stopped for any reason, the sysadmin is notified
* security of files on both A & B.
* synchronization will take place daily from A to B with an average of 300 MBs per day.

I did some investigation and local tests with two solutions that were all what I could think of for now:

1- rsync + ssh + public keys (pushing from A to B)
2- rsync daemon (pushing from client A to server B)

I am bit hesitated regarding the following points:
- security of (B) server if running rsync as daemon.
- Logging synchronized files in case of ssh will probably take place manually by directing output to a file.
- being automatically notified if syncing failed / was stopped for any reason, but not notified for properly synchronized files

I am totally open to all possible solutions that would satisfy business needs. The files that would be synchronized are mission critical and lack of security, sudden stopping or lack of logging have a very small margin of tolerance.

Your advise and help is really appreciated.

jayakrishnan 10-27-2010 04:39 AM

Might be of some help

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