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thecgmguy 09-02-2010 12:53 PM

Messages stuck in sendmail queue beyond confTO_QUEUERETURN lifetime
CentOS 5.x | SendMail

Hi Guys,

Messages are stuck in my server's /var/spool/mqueue/ folder beyond the lifetime I have specified in confTO_QUEUERETURN (5d). Any idea why this could be? The file permissions appear fine; files in the mqueue folder show rights of:


-rw------- 1 root smmsp
This is causing an issue because the queues are slowly getting larger and larger. I'm seeing the queue size consistently growing. maillog shows entries like:


grew WorkList for /var/spool/mqueue to 28000
Just thinking outloud -- could the queue runner not be completing it's job in time? Maybe I could check with time sendmail -q -v

Any thoughts?

unSpawn 09-09-2010 03:33 PM

Note you can run Sendmail w/o problems with different queues to separate things but these days a "timeout" of five days seems indicative of problems. Grep your log ('awk '/stat=/ {print $NF}' /var/log/maillog;') for "stat=" lines for any states like timed out, refused, "user unknown", relay, unreachable, "no space left on device", mail box full, et cetera? Wrt efficiency also see the explanation of using Sendmails QueueSortOrder in the dead tree O'Reilly "Bat book" chapter 34.8.51 or any online reference via google://inurl:/tcpip/sendmail/ch34_08.htm.

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