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chiendarret 03-08-2009 11:25 AM

mdadm raid1 both bootable
How to modify the normal mdadm raid1 (or make during linux installation) so that both disks are bootable? All instances are sata 500GB debian amd64 lenny.

Is that convenient or is it preferable mdadm with only one disk bootable and, in case of failure, recover with knoppix?


eco 03-09-2009 07:53 AM


This is what I did with my mirror after installing the OS:


# grub --no-floppy --device-map=/boot/grub/

grub> device (hd0) /dev/hda
grub> root (hd0,0)
grub> setup (hd0)

grub> device (hd0) /dev/hdc
grub> root (hd0,0)
grub> setup (hd0)

grub> quit

Addapt to your needs.

Hope this helps.

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