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hgate73 09-18-2008 01:19 PM

Low-ftprint Linux distribution for BitTorrent & Tor Relay (server)?? Advice...
Hey all,

I have acquired a HP thin-client computer recently, and was going to use it for a media-streaming device, but the CPU is too slow to do it, and with no option for upgrade, I'm left finding something else for it to do.

It has:
- 256MB of RAM
- 512MB flash-disk SDD
- No ability to expand

I like to run a TOR relay to help out the tor network, and I also have a BitTorrent downloader running constantly (mostly seeding, but not always). I would like to turn this HP thin-client into an always-on server, routing for the tor network, AND running all the BitTorrent data transfer.

I am using IPCop, but that is incidental to the layout. The BitTorrent files that are being served & saved are located on a separate file server. I simply want to separate the downloading function from the file server, as it exposes it directly to the Internet, which I'd rather not do.

Are there any Linux distributions (I've googled around as usual before posting) that have a very small installation footprint (<512MB) and can run the BitTorrent transfers? It would need to have bandwidth scheduling (like uTorrent) if at all possible.

I am aware of a locked-down RAM-resident distro for TOR that runs entirely out of RAM and allows nothing else to run, but that prevents me from using BitTorrent.

Any advice is greatly appreciated :-)

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