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dman777 09-17-2012 05:40 AM

Linux HA Cluster - Question on Fencing
I want to create a 2 node cluster ...atcive/passive...basically, I want another PC as a spare tire for my hobby webserver.

I am using Linux. Node A would be the primary and Node B would be the slave. For the webserver on NodeA, I would have it mount a nfs share on NodeB. So, if NodeA died or broke, NodeB could take over and the webserver info would be up to date on the Hard drive on NodeB. Then NodeB could simply mount the Hard drive and pacemaker could start the Nginx service on NodeB along with starting moving the virtual IP to Node B.

I am having trouble finding a good Stonith device since I don't own a PDU, my motherboard does not really support IPMI, and I don't think my UPS supports stonith. What are some options I could use, that in case of a failover to NodeB, I could make sure that NodeA umounts the NFS share on NodeB and the Webserver on NodeA does not start taking requests again later?

kirukan 09-18-2012 07:02 AM

This post may help you

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