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cjagdish69 11-18-2006 01:16 AM

LDAP Query
I have 6 servers having 1GB RAM & 40 GB HDD. On each server i have created nearabout 50 users. The users are having thin clients. They are logging onto the server and accessing X session.

My problem is that if any users is having some problem I have to locate the server first i.e. i have to log on each server and check whether his account exist in the server or not.

In this situation, Can I use LDAP or suggest any other s/w?.

What exactly i want is as follows :

All the thin clients will first connect to a central server, here they will enter the login & password. On this server some s/w which will verify on which server the login exists, that server will be connected thru. the login and passowrd supplied by the user to his thin client.

Can LDAP be used for this ?. Any pointers for such installations ?

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