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drobert 07-09-2009 09:12 AM

interrupting remote gui app with/wthout vnc
Hi all!

I can't actually formulate my problem to feed it with google, maybe you have some idea.

I have a FC11 pc and I have qtoctave on it. There are users using this pc as desktop pc. I want to run qtoctave with a very long computation, of course remotely. Because the desktop users I can't use vnc. I may use "ssh user@remotehost -X" off a laptop for that, but I would like to switch off my laptop during the very long computation and later reconnect to the screen (or at least to the window) of my qtoctave, without interrupting the the previously started qtoctave (or whatever other program).

So what is the solution I am looking for?

Thank you!


stress_junkie 07-09-2009 09:59 AM

I would see if I could run qtoctave in a queue via the at utility. I don't know if turning off the remote machine would hang qtoctave or if qtoctave would reconnect to your remote display when you turn the remote computer back on. I'd give it a try to see what happens.

I'm going to put this on my todo list of things to find out. It sounds like it could be very useful.

drobert 07-10-2009 02:11 AM

I have an idea with Xvnc.
It makes a virtual X session at connecting - as far as I unterstood that right - and closes is while disconnecting. An option would solve my problem I think, where at disconnecting it would be possible not to close that virtual X session, and later it'd be possible to reconnect to the last virtual X session - that is still running in the background.
I'm not so far to solve this alone, but I'll do some further reading.
Help is always welcome!

Idea refers to: Xvnc, xdmcp, vncviewer at localhost, connecting via ssh

drobert 07-10-2009 09:47 AM

Found possible solution, but I need help with vncserver.

I managed to set up Xvnc and vncts. I ssh to the server and do a local "vncviewer", and it created for me a new xdm session that will be closed upon disconnecting. But I want to start the vncviewer without ssh, just directly as usual to get the screen that can be seen on the pc. Both services are running (vncserver, vncts), 5900 udp & tcp ports opened on firewall.

How to enable this second thing? It just says stream ended.


stress_junkie 07-10-2009 03:53 PM

I'm hoping someone with some knowledge of this will jump in here and help out. I'd like to understand this better myself.

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