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marcbachman 07-03-2008 10:48 AM

integrate Samba PDC & RHDS &DNS &DHCP on one RHEL 5 server
I'm hoping to locate someone who has integrated Samba with RHDS(LDAP) authentication before on RHEL. I'm not sure how dependent DNS or DHCP are on RHDS. I understand that in order to coordinate dynamic updates between DNS and DHCP, a TSIG (?) key has to be in place. ( based on prior experience with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) So far I have DHCP working. The "GUI" that Red Hat provides for authentication suggests that in order to use TLS encryption, I have to have a CA server or certificate. Does Red Hat have the ability to generate a CA certificate? Of DNS, RHDS and Samba, which of the 3 or which pair need to be up first before I complete this task? am I stuck with editing text files in Red Hat to finish this? I also found a Perl script by Adam Stokes that's supposed to integrate RHDS with Samba. Will using this script provide an advantage?

unSpawn 07-03-2008 01:00 PM

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