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The Unincorporated Man 11-06-2011 11:14 PM

Increase the Total Size of LVM Volume Group ?
I'm trying to increase the total size of my logical volume. You'd think this would be simple, but, for some reason: :banghead:

For extra clarity, I'm trying to resize the lvmGroupName itself, NOT lvmGroupName/home or lvmGroupName/usr or lvmGroupName/etc.

Here's what I mean:

I cannot for the life of me, change the size of this underlying volume. Here's what I've tried:
# lvextend -L+5120M /dev/lvmData
# lvextend -L+5120M lvmData /dev/lvmData
# lvextend -L+5120M lvmData
# lvresize -L+5120M /dev/lvmData
# lvresize -L+5120M lvmData /dev/lvmData
# lvresize -L+5120M lvmData

Every one of those commands results in the following message:

Path required for Logical Volume "lvmData"
  Please provide a volume group name
  Run `lvextend --help' for more information.

Oh, but it is the damned path, and it is the damned volume group name!

I've RTFM a bunch of times. I've searched google and found one other person with a similar question, and he ended up not finding an answer. It seems that it is impossible, my dear reader, to change the total size of the underlying lvm group; at least, not without your advice.

How do I make it grow?

syg00 11-07-2011 12:11 AM

By using a command that massages volume group(s) ?.
lv... is a command that massages logical volumes - different animal altogether. has a good LVM2 how-to.

The Unincorporated Man 11-07-2011 12:25 AM

Haha. pvresize was not in TFM! Wow, wasted so much time on this today...

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