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saiyen2002 08-19-2011 05:02 AM

how to use openswan as a client?
I am using centos and need to find out how to use openswan as point-to-point client to connect to an IPSEC VPN server on a cisco ASA with the following parameters

IP Address
VPN Device Cisco ASA
Encryption Domain
Authentication Method Pre Shared Key
Encryption Scheme IKE
Diffie-Hellman Group DH Group 2
Encryption Algorithm 3DES
Hashing Algorithm SHA
Main or Aggressive Mode Main Mode
Lifetime (for renegotiation) 2800 seconds
Encryption Algorithm 3DES
Integrity (Hash) SHA-1
Oakley Group DH Group 2
Perfect Forward Secrecy No PFS
Lifetime (for renegotiation) 3600 seconds
Life-size in KB (for renegotiation) Not used

I have Centos 6 server which has the Single NIC with IP address of After being NAT by the router it's Outside IP IS

I initially tried VPNC but that didn't work. The reason given to me was

".......This is achieved by point to point VNPs, which is what we require to set up here.

The VPN client that you wish to use is designed for remote access applications rather than a point to point application that is required here set-up on your firewall "

I have been struggling with this for days, any comments will be helpful

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