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centosfan 12-21-2007 08:24 AM

How to uninstall old image magick?
I installed version of image magick on server but script which require it still doesnt work.
I think reason of that is old version which is located on usr/bin ,
meanwhile new version is on usr/local/bin.How do i delete old version from usr/local?

centosfan 12-21-2007 09:08 AM

I founded somewhere on tutorials i can uninstall it by command make uninstall but i think that would work only with newly installed imagemagick and only if i enter into install directory.Since that imagemagick is installed over custom coded control panel,perhaps it will work that command make unninstall if i download that old version which install to usr/bin.Any idea ?

xtecuan 12-21-2007 02:53 PM

Which Distro are you using ?, Commonly you can remove the software package using rmp command en RedHat Packaging system or dpkg -r to remove Debian Based software packages

centosfan 12-21-2007 08:06 PM

I use ubuntu server

centosfan 12-22-2007 09:09 AM

That command work,but unfortunatly it didnt resolve my problem :(

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