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Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-16-2008 04:08 AM

How to extract too large archive (35 GB) .tar file

I am using SunOS 5.8.

A instance/data size 35 GB on this server. then i apply backup archive (Tape Backup)

#tar -cvf csp0203.tar /u13/csp0203

after archive this file . i want extract this archive file (csp0203.tar)
i am using below cmd

#tar -xvf csp0203.tar -C /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup

NOTE : SAN_C2D - having more space ( 100 GB)

So pls advice me which cmd i will use . so that i extract this 35 GB (csp0203.tar) file .

jomen 08-16-2008 04:36 AM

man tar (?)
tar -xvf csp0203.tar -C /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup/

colucix 08-16-2008 04:50 AM


Originally Posted by jomen (Post 3249454)
man tar (?)
tar -xvf csp0203.tar -C /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup/

If I remember well there is no -C option in the Solaris 5.8 version of tar. Anyway, if the GNU version of tar is available, the -C option can be used. Try

which gtar
to verify. Otherwise, just move the archive to /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup/ and extract from there.

The reason why the command didn't work is that if you do

tar xvf csp0203.tar /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup
you're trying to extract the file or directory /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup from the archive. Since most likely it didn't exist, the tar command returned nothing. Once you've moved the archive to /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup just do

tar xvf csp0203.tar

Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-16-2008 04:53 AM


I use this command #tar -xvf csp0203.tar -C /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup/

But facing same issue. csp0203 dir/file not persent at /SAN_C2D/csp_bakup/.

pls suggest me.

colucix 08-16-2008 05:07 AM

Maybe you missed my post (see above)...

Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-16-2008 05:35 AM


using this commnad

colucix 08-16-2008 08:30 AM

From the output of the tar command, it looks like the files inside the archive retain their absolute path (maybe they were created using -P option with GNU tar). Have a look at directory /u13/CSIP0203/.

Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-18-2008 12:38 AM

Thanks a lot.

Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-19-2008 06:58 AM


I am using SunOS .5.8

How to recover overwrite 35 GB data in linked file.

bcs i did mistck on tar cmd extrat.

colucix 08-19-2008 07:02 AM

What is the mistake with extraction? What do you mean for "linked file"? Can you explain a bit more?

And please, don't edit previous posts by erasing them. This make the thread unreadable and confused. Thanks.

Bharat Kumar pankaj 08-19-2008 07:35 AM

Actully this instance running two tire server one is application and one is database.

I am working as backup Engineer so . on of server is not coonect to our tape library /SAN.

so i take this instace archive .tar and move to our connect tape library /SAN

Then we take bakup , but error u know well its 35 GB .tar file ,

So i need extrat this file. but that time i don,t know same mount point is soft link to same instance.

after extrat this . this overwrite ...

pls help me how to recovery old file.

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