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Puolimieli_ 01-08-2010 09:16 AM

How to build home Ubuntu 9.10 file & remote desktop server?
First little info about myself.
I am studying to be datanome in a technical school at Finland and I'm third year student. We have studied a little about of linux (Installed Ubuntu 8.04 and did make some basic learning about its commands and use) so I am quite new for using linux, so I would really respect and be glad if you can make the answer somekind of step-by-step -guide. I installed Ubuntu 9.10 to my own computer last christmas and have been using it since.
And I'm really sorry about of my laggy english.

So my question is like te topic says, how I could build my own home LAN ubuntu 9.10 file & remote desktop server?
Reason for why I would like to build this kind of server for me is that, I would wanna have an external file server and data storage to myself, and I would also like to use this server computer as my "music device" where I could play my mp3's using remote desktop in Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows XP.

I would want to know that, what programs I need, little about how to get my LAN connection to work properly (I can get the server to run as remote desktop to other computer in Ubuntu 9.10 but they still can't find each other), should I format the server's other hard drive, that is going to be the data storage, to NTFS from EXT4 or is it ok for Windows to recognize the EXT4 drive?

I will post specs of my server computer when I get home from work.

Atleast some thoughts about this idea would be nice. :)

Puolimieli_ 01-09-2010 09:23 AM

Server computer specs
Hello again!
Sorry I allmost forgot the whole computer... I've been a bit busy...

So here is the specs for my server computer:

Ubuntu 9.10(karmic)

Linux 2.5.31-16-generic

Gnome 2.28.1


AMD Duron(tm) processor 1200MHz

Graphics card:
NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400]

Seagate ST380011A ATA 80GB (This will be my server computer's Data HDD)
Samsung SV4002H ATA 40GB (This is where I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed)

244,9 MiB SDRAM

I might also like if I could share my eternal hard disk (Lacie 1TB) from server computer's USB-port.

Thank you all allready for your answers. :)

SpaceCrawler 01-09-2010 05:32 PM


I`m new to Linux as well and my questions are basically the same as yours. Guess we will be waiting for someone to shed some light on this issue.


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