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dablew 10-23-2007 11:49 AM

How does squid with wccp redirection work?
Hi everyone,

I need to get some explanation on how a particular setup I have implemented is working(or works):
I have a network connected to internet through a Cisco Router and utilizing the WCCP for caching.The set-up is working fine and requests are being sent to the internet through the proxy/cache server.

Am using Fedora Core 6 and squid for the transparent proxy.

Sample schema:

| Network Users | --- | GW ROUTER |/ TO THE INTERNET
.........................| PROXY SERVER |

I wanted to understand how squid normally forwards traffic after misses; Basically when the requests are directed to the internet after cached objects are not found on the cache.

1.Does the squid server handle the transfer of the traffic(missed) to the Internet then back to the client requesting? , or

2.Does the router handle the transfer if the request is not found on the caching server back to the requesting client.

3.Is it possible to shape the users' Bandwidth per IP on the router after the proxy.(Am not sure if the router can be able to distinguish original source addresses and ignore the proxied one).

Am seeking this to assist me before adding any other polices on the Router and the Cache server.Really need to know how and where best to put any.

Your explanations and any links to such material will be generous enough.

dablew 10-24-2007 09:37 AM

Pliz assist me with any material on this.Its has some real urgency atleast for now.

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