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Felipe 03-16-2011 07:59 AM

How can configure cachemgr.cgi for monitoring squid?

I've a problem with squid and I'm trying to configure cachemgr.cgi to monitor it.

I access with http://server/cgi-bin/cachemgr.cgi

a webpage is displayed to enter
Cache Server:
Cache Host:
Cache Port:
Manager name:

I enter the cache-server, host, port and password and a page with many options is displayed (Manager name left empty, don't know what to put).

But pressing any option, an authentication error is displayed.

What I try:
- To allow full access to cache mgr from a IP (I'll restrict it).
- Control all my squid-cache form a single cachemgr.cgi.

What I've configured:
- cachemgr.conf

- squid.conf
http_port 1081
acl manager proto cache_object
http_access allow manager (allow from all, restrict later).
cachemgr_passwd my_sec_pass all

From command line works:
squidclient -p 1081 mgr:info@my_sec_pass

but not from web (options displayed, but error accessing any of them).
Ex: Pressing an option, cache.log displays error:
The request GET cache_object://server.domain/offline_toggle is ALLOWED, because it matched 'manager'
CACHEMGR: <unknown>@ password needed for 'offline_toggle'

Any suggestion?


Felipe 03-16-2011 08:24 AM

Changing from:
cachemgr_passwd my_sec_pass all
cachemgr_passwd my_sec_pass

allows to access all options except

Current Squid Configuration (hidden).
Shut Down the Squid Process (hidden).
Toggle offline_mode setting (hidden).

How can enable this options?


star2doc 01-12-2014 02:31 AM

Still no answer?
I am having this same issue… Does anyone have a solution?
I have tried
cachemgr_passwd notmypasword all
cachemgr_passwd notmypasword
and even
cachemgr_passwd notmypassword index menu offline_toggle shutdown reconfigure rotate pconn cached_ssl_cert mem diskd squidaio_counts config comm_epoll_incomming ipcache fqdncache idns redirector basicauthenticator external_acl http_headers via_headers forw_headers info service_times filedescriptors objects vm_objects io counters peer_select digest_stats 5min 60min utilization histograms active_requests username_cache openfd_objects store_digest store_log_tags storedir store_io store_check_cachable_stats refresh delay forward cbdata events client_list netdb asndb carp userhash sourcehash server_list

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