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saeed22 08-20-2009 12:52 PM

High load, high RAM usage and unresponsive VPS
hello everyone
I have a VPS (HyperVM) with the CentOS 5.0 (Kloxo/HyperVM)as the OS. everything was working wonderfully until afew days ago when the VPS started to become totally unresponsive. it happens exactly at the same time every day, around Noon local time, and lasts about 30 Mins. In this state the VPS is completely and utterly unresponsive, the Kolxo/HyperVM cannot be accessed. after about 100 tries and about 20 Min the HyperVM will respond and i have to Restart the VPS to get back in working order.
so my question is that exactly which Logs should I check to be able to pin down the cuase of this behavior.
Many thanks in advance.

Quakeboy02 08-20-2009 12:58 PM

If Centos offers something like the Debian "System Monitor" (or is that a Gnome feature?) then take a look at the processes that are using up your resources when you have the problem. If not, you can use "top" for the same result.

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