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golden_boy615 07-04-2012 11:01 AM

hardware RAID 1 rebuild problem with ubuntu server 10.04 LTS
I have an UBUNTU server 10.04 LTS on a MSI motherboard X48C PLATINUM model with on board RAID 1 support. I've installed two HDDs on it with hardware RAID1 around two years ago, but two days ago its RAID went to regraded status after a bad restart. Eventually when I added a new HDD to it, its status changed to REBUILD and inside its RAID controller had been written that its rebuild is going to be done inside Operating System, but when I continued to boot up the system it says that no bootable partition exist!!!!!! So what should I do? All of my data are on that server. I even connected each of those HDDs to a new PC and tried to mount each of them to ubuntu desktop filesystem but didn't help.
Now I have three different questions:
1.How can I access to each of those HDDs' filesystem through another PC or live CD on server?
2.How can I repair my RAID1 boot problem on my server to make my server alive?
3.Do you have any other suggestion to recover my data back?
I have to say that my file system is EXT4.

thanks for any help that guide me through the solution.

NyteOwl 07-04-2012 12:53 PM

First of all, the on-board RAID in the X48 chipset is not hardware RAID but a hybrid or "fakeRAID". I'm not familiar with the Ubuntu server distribution but since you had it installed and operating I assume it has the appropriate modules for the Intel Storage Matrix.

1) The drives, unless the partition tables have been damaged, should be individually mountable (except perhaps the failed drive). I'd recommend trying a live CD and leaving them on their "native hardware" for the initial attempt.

2) Have a look through the mdadm man pages. They have many of the tools that are used in Windows to repair and qeury such Intel RAID sets under Linux. Also run the SMART tools on the drives to check their status and look for errors and incipient problems.

3) If you can get the drive(s) mounted, either in an array or not) immediately make a backup copy of your data. Once that is done you can decide whether to try the repair/restoration as an exercise, or just blow away the partitions, and build a new array.

golden_boy615 07-05-2012 03:40 AM

Thanks for your reply
I've tried live CDs but none of them helped I mean they didn't recognize anything and could not be mounted, and at last would you please tell me some of the best tools for repairing or recognizing my lost file-systems to restore my data?
And I know that if I could mount them I can back the, up but I don't know how.

golden_boy615 07-05-2012 03:42 AM

Would you please tell something about the differences between hardware RAID and hybrid or "fakeRAID"?

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