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beairstos 09-18-2009 10:40 AM

Getting SFTP logs from a chroot jail
Hi all,

Iím trying to get SFTP logs working for a few clients we have here. Up till now we havenít had any logs for the SFTP stuff and its caused us some headaches.

My test server is CentOS 5.3 running openssh 5.1p1. The SFTP users are jailed into their home directories for obvious reasons.

Iíve enabled SFTP logging in the sshd_config file and it works fine if the user is not jailedÖ but when I jail the user all logging stops.

According to the manpage for syslogd you can use -a to specify additional sockets which is needed for the chroot environment.

So I created a new socket using mksock in /jail/dev/log and am running the syslog deamon with the Ėa /jail/dev/log option (ps Ėef confirms it).

Yet still no logs are appearing. Any suggestions as to what Iím missing?


SethsdadtheLinuxer 10-01-2009 08:20 AM

what happens if you do ln -ns /var/log/sftp to /jail/dev/log? This should make the system sftp log readable to the jailed users.

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