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robertjinx 10-04-2008 08:01 AM

free web hosting setup
I wanna setup a server for free web hosting. The server is already running with everything, web server, php, mysql, pgsql, mail and so on.

At the moment everything works fine, but I do not know how to set up something like virtual ftp account and virtual mail accounts. Also my setup is this:

Web server: nginx
PHP: php-fpm fastcgi
mail: postfix + dovecot + mailscanner + clamav + spamassasin
mysql: mysql 5.0.67
pgsql: postgresql 8.2.10
ftp: pureftp
FS: LVM (i dont think it matters :))
OS: Ubuntu Server 8.04

If anyone knows or can help out please do, maybe some links "how to start a free web hosting" or "how to setup a free web hosting server" and so on.

Any help would be welcomed as I never did the "virtual users" part.

At the moment like I said everything works, mails and so on, but its based on real users on the system.

Thank you in advance.

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