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kladizkov 10-02-2006 07:24 PM

Executing perl scripts in apache
In my server, I have to put perl scripts in three folders public_html/perl, public_html/admin, public_html/admin/perl. And the perl script in these directories should be executed by apache irrespective of it's file extension.

I added ScriptAlias line in virtual host in httpd.conf. But its not solved the problem. There is some more that has to be added. I think its <location> </location> tag. What all things should i add in httpd.conf.

Please help.

bathory 10-04-2006 04:00 AM

For each one of these directories you should use a .htaccess containing:

Options +ExecCGI
SetHandler cgi-script

And of course you must least have

AllowOverride Options
in your httpd.conf either globally or per directory.

kobbee 10-04-2006 07:35 AM

how to I access pages from a remote client?
I have apache server running on a linux machine fedora core 5 but i'm not able to access the pages on a remote client. it only works for the local system

how do i solve this?:scratch: :scratch:

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