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rossx 08-19-2008 03:31 AM

Email account passwords for each domain on the server
Hi Everyone,

I am currently in the process of migrating all our our clients domains from one fedora core server to a faster server.

I have a list of all the clients email accounts etc and i'm moving them over with their home directories, but just wanted to ask if anyone knows where the email passwords for each user are stored. I have most of them in a spreadsheet but unfortunately I think some of them may have been changed and I never updated the spreadsheet.

If anyone know's where the passowrds are stored, that would be great.

( I know theres probrably a high chance that the passwords are encrypted, but I just want to know where they are stored, just in case there not ).

Ps: I looked around etc/postfix and checked the mysql databases to see if there's anything there but cannot find anything.

When I go into the users/groups application, it only displays info per domain.

Hope you can helps.


billymayday 08-19-2008 03:50 AM

If they are standard unix style accounts (ie genuine accounts, not just virtual users for postfix) then it will depend on your authentication system. Assuming you don't use anything fancy, they are probably in /etc/shadow, and yes, they are encrypted. Can you copy shadow across and re-use it? I don't know, but you could try it.

rossx 08-19-2008 09:13 AM

Thanks for the info billymayday,

Each user has ftp so they are geniue accounts and I found them in the shadow file. Couldnt see the email accounts though but just per domain user.

I'll give this a try and test it out.

Thanks for the tip.

billymayday 08-19-2008 05:43 PM

Generally mail systems either have their own accounts, for example virtual users, or use the system accounts like a I suspect you do (as do I)

rossx 08-20-2008 03:01 AM

Found out where the account passwords are stored for this system.

They're located in the following directory /etc/userdb/

They are encrypted, but i'm going to copy the folder over to the new server and see if this saves me having to enter the passwords in again for each email account once moved to the new server.

I'll keep you updated on how this goes, just incase this benefits other members of this forum.

Many thanks

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