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Draal 11-20-2009 05:06 PM

drbd heartbeat and raid0
Hi Guys,

The current setup exists of 4 dell r200 servers. the servers are all the same, running esxi and have 1 disk with 250gb of local storage.

we're running 11 vm's which arent generating a lot of traffic.

We're looking at building 2 extra servers, running debian server as a iscsi target, the disks in both servers are mirrored with drbd, and heartbeat will provide the iscsi target.

For performance, we're looking at running a raid0 setup with 2x 1tb disks (2tb of iscsi storage) on both systems.

i know about the disadvantages of raid0 (if 1 disk is lost, the data is not recoverable), but would the use of heartbeat resolve it, and can i safely use raid0 on both servers? or wouldn't that be safe in case of a disk failure?

it's a hobby project, but we are using the servers to provide some clients services like lowbudget-webhosting... so it needs to be relay-able, but cant cost to much :)

rweaver 11-20-2009 05:20 PM

Use Raid 1/0. You'll end up with 1tb of storage but your data is safe.

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