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oscargim 05-29-2011 02:07 PM

Disable Symbolic Link ln -s
Hi, i made a symbolic link with this

ln -s user

so the user can view all the folders from ftp no just the home folder

but now i see that all the ftp users can see all the folders so they can view everything not just they home folder

If someone knows how to apply that just for one user, or the way to disable the link "ln -s" that ive made.

I prefer to no one able to see all the folders but if you know how to ddo it for just one user will be good.

i have a dedicated server on centos 5


T3RM1NVT0R 05-29-2011 02:33 PM

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Hi there,

Well symbolic link is just like a pointer. Suppose you have a file name testing under /home/ then can create a symbolic link that will point to this file using the following command: ln -s /home/testing /etc/test_file

Here you are creating a file a symbolic link in which /etc/test_file will be linked (point) to original file located under /home/testing. So basically if you remove the file /etc/test_file then symbolic link is gone. However, if you will delete the original file i.e. /home/testing then it will break the symbolic link, as the file /etc/test_file to point is no longer exist.

So basically you can remove the symbolic link by removing the linked file, remember not the original file.

Also as I can understand what you are looking for is creating a symbolic link that will point to users home directory. Well if you create a generic symbolic link in /var/vsftpd/pub directory to point to /home then users will be able to see all the contents of /home. However, they will not be able to browse.

Well then you can add up a command in /etc/profile so that when they login it will automatically create a symbolic link directly mapped to their home directory.

oscargim 05-30-2011 09:06 AM

Thanks for the answer, i used the ln -s command as root on the home directory of one user, ex. in: /home/user i run: ln -s user

I found in /home/user a new archive called user marked in red (i guess thats the file created when i made the link) i delete it but still ftp users have access to all the files on the server

And everyone can see all the directories, i just want it to be like it was, each user just can see its home directory.

I have installed webmin, if there is a way to do it from there.

Thanks again.

oscargim 05-30-2011 06:15 PM

I removed the symbolic link but all the users still can see all the files on the server via ftp i solve it addin this to vsftpd.conf

Above to directives will enable logging of all FTP transactions. Lock down users to their home directories:


Now all users are locked to they home directory :)

Hope it helps someone!

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