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fruitwerks 08-11-2010 03:08 PM

Create webmail subdomain on Plesk master domain. (reserved subdomain)
I have a situation where I would like to use an unsupported webmail client in my Plesk install. The default is to use an app-vault supplied client for webmail, because of this, the webmail. subdomain is 'hardcoded' into the install.

I have admin level access running PSA 9.x What I want to do is somehow create the webmail subdomain inside the default domain.

I was about to install the webmail client on our .net domain (main is .com) and just point the DNS for that host to the other IP, but we don't have a real ssl cert on that host. I also though of doing a proxy-pass directive, but that requires hacking into the plesk directives. This is something we don't want to do.

Does anyone know how to get this done? We simply need webmail subdomain in the subdomain folder of the main domain name folder. I am willing to do some hacks if that is the only way. Just wanted to check if anyone knows a non-invasive workaround.


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