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vrillusions 01-22-2010 09:36 AM

Connections to proftpd server stall on authentication phase
This is on an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server running proftpd v1.3.1

We have a client that's been having issues connecting to the ftp. After some investigations I noticed restarting proftpd fixed it for a while. I last restarted it yesterday. I came in this morning, ran ftpwho and this is the output I have:


standalone FTP daemon [25180], up for 18 hrs 54 min
26263 (none)  [10h48m] (authenticating)
26274 (none)  [10h48m] (authenticating)
26540 (none)  [ 7h47m] (authenticating)
26563 (none)  [ 7h46m] (authenticating)
27003 (none)  [14m25s] (authenticating)
Service class                      -  5 users

It should not spend 10 hours authenticating. Here are all the timeouts from config:


$ grep "^Timeout" /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf
TimeoutNoTransfer                600
TimeoutStalled                        600
TimeoutIdle                        600
TimeoutStalled                        600

We require TLS to connect to server. Typical login time is around 11 seconds. When does the timer for TimeoutSession start counting? Could set it to 2 hours which would be way longer than what they would have a single session open for. I have full session logging and only thing I'm seeing in logs are message about "Maximum login attempts (3) exceeded, connection refused" which is probably because of all these stale login attempts that are sitting around. If TimoutSession wouldn't fix it, what would? Thanks.

I've since migrated to vsftpd. While the handling of virtual hosts in 8.04 is pretty much non existent right now this only involves one host so it's not all bad. Login time with vsftpd is almost instantaneous (I'm VNC'd into the computer I'm testing on so couldn't get exact time). I'll mention on here if things still aren't working.

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