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IssacT 05-09-2010 08:27 AM

Configuration Issues with Virtual Users on Postfix/Courier/MySQL Fedora 12
I can feel brain goop leaking from my nose.

I was following the above guide to get a mail server up and running. The major difference in it all is the fact that my server is running i686, but I compensated for that easily, just a difference in folder/RPM names.

Otherwise I followed it to a "T." Everything seemed to go smoothly, no trips or falls until the very end.

After installing squirrelmail and trying to login on returns ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

Uncle google tells me to run this command because SELinux is overzealous:
setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect=1

And that works, and I thought I was home free. However, after that, I'm presented with a new error. I forget exactly what it was. However, google told me to send an email to create the mailbox because it wasn't there, yet. So I send a test email on over, but that fails, and so does mailx. So there's a lot goofed up, here.

Next I created /home/vmail/ while logged into the vmail user for proper permissions. Squirrelmail now logs into the mail box but gives me yet another new error, in which I am now stuck on:
ERROR: Could not complete request.
Reason Given: Unable to open this mailbox.

As a summary, because I'm all over the place, here:
1. Can't view the mailbox via Squirrelmail.
2. Can't receive email, tried with mailx and a test email from gmail.

Regarding #2, the gmail test email, from the maillog:

May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted postfix/smtpd[21095]: connect from[]
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted postfix/smtpd[21095]: 26CE516241D:[]
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted postfix/cleanup[21104]: 26CE516241D: message-id=<>
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted postfix/qmgr[19083]: 26CE516241D: from=<>, size=1866, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted amavis[21024]: (21024-01) (!)connect_to_sql: unable to connect to DSN 'DBI:mysql:database=mail;host=;port=3306': Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (13)
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted amavis[21024]: (21024-01) (!!)TROUBLE in process_request: connect_to_sql: unable to connect to any dataset at (eval 98) line 241, <GEN15> line 5.
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted amavis[21024]: (21024-01) (!)Requesting process rundown after fatal error
May 9 07:25:45 withfrosted postfix/smtp[21105]: 26CE516241D: to=<>, relay=[]:10024, delay=0.2, delays=0.11/0.01/0.01/0.07, dsn=4.3.2, status=deferred (host[] said: 421 4.3.2 Service shutting down, closing channel (in reply to RCPT TO command))
May 9 07:26:15 withfrosted postfix/smtpd[21095]: disconnect from[]
(What's really odd? No bounceback email in my gmail inbox! I'm assuming that sprouts from the DSN error returned, here.)

If you all need any more information at all, just please reply and let me know. I would really appreciate any leads. I generally don't like littering forums with useless topics, and I honestly don't mean to. I promise that I looked as hard as I could on this one, literally all night and now I'm at work. >.> Mailservers are my weak spot, they shotgun my brain-power.

John VV 05-10-2010 02:08 AM


I was following the above guide to get a mail server up and running
very first thing is this
ask your self if you DO WANT TO reinstall fedora on a mail server EVERY 6 months when a new version is released
fedora only has a 13 month life span

you WILL be much happier ( and safer ) if you use a LONG life distro . One that has a 5 to 7 year life span

IssacT 05-10-2010 07:54 AM

I've used slackware and freebsd to host servers in the past, so far I like fedora a lot. And even if I need to set it up again in a couple years, it'll keep my mind fresh on the subject (hopefully.)

I don't want to deny your advice, but my main focus is trying to wrap my head around mail servers, I feel so pathetic that I don't completely understand them, yet.

John VV 05-10-2010 02:26 PM

it is your hardware and time

IssacT 05-10-2010 07:08 PM

Alright, thanks for your helpful input regarding my problem! :D

Anyway, I had to disable and re-enable SELinux. I'm not exactly sure why, my best guess is that a queued setting needed to be changed and SELinux might have been preventing that from happening.

In any case, it is working now. The problem is resolved. Could someone close the thread, please? :)

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