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jippen 11-30-2009 02:52 AM

Compiling my own apache2 on debian -- no /usr/sbin/apache2 ???
Working on a debian lenny server (rackspace), and trying to compile my own apache2 server.

So, I did like any good sysadmin, and made a quick script to make installation and maintainance easier. Very straightforward.

Now, the script seems to have gone through and been just happy, except for one problem: There is no /usr/sbin/apache2
I have /usr/sbin/apache2ctrl, but without the apache2 executeable, nothing happens when I run it.

Any other sysadmins able to help me get a /usr/sbin/apache2 file to appear?

Script is here:
Logs are here:

bathory 11-30-2009 03:04 AM

You don't have a "--prefix=/some/path" in your script, so apache is installed in the default /usr/local/apache2 directory. So the correct apachectl script is /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl and the binary you might be looking for is /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd.
I guess that /usr/sbin/apache2 comes from a previous apache installation.


jippen 11-30-2009 03:21 AM

Ah-ha! One symbolic link later, and I have more stuff working. Thanks for the point in the right direction.

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