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netboy_541 05-23-2007 05:03 AM

Can't write to a NFS share
Howdy folks. I have a file server residing in my closet running RedHat 9 (shrike). Every other desktop machine I have runs Kubuntu Feisty.

I can mount the NFS share, but I cannot write to it no matter what I try.

Here are the files involved:



/raid/        ,sync)

command i'm using on my kubuntu box...

rminick@toshiba-linux:~$ sudo mount /ibmraid
Permissions on the /ibmraid folder on toshiba-linux are:


drwxrwxrwx  rminick rminick                                  ibmraid
Of course, the second I mount the NFS share, root takes over the /ibmraid mountpoint, and I can't change any of the permissions.

On my other IBM; eserver-01, I can't get NFS to work at all. It's running suse 10.1, and I get a flat out failure with that one, but I will deal with that one later.

I created an account on IBM1 that matched the user account I'm using on my toshiba, but it still won't let me write.

If anyone has any ideas how to get this to work, I'd sure appreciate it!


netboy_541 05-23-2007 05:37 AM

OK nevermind, I figured the redhat box out. lol
I changed the permissions of the /raid mountpoint on the IBM1 to 4777 recursively, and it worked flawlessly.

now, as for the other ibm, known as eserver-01, When I attempt to mount that NFS share, i get a failure, but I don't know what is failing...

i'll post more on that one. i have to remote into that box to get that info..

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