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animebsd 11-22-2010 01:47 AM

Can someone help me with fedora? FTP server
Hello i got fed up with windows server so i installed fedora 14

first i need to know what ftp servers are avalible that are a gui

i hate proftpd or vsftp.

i used it for like 2 years and im damn sick of it so i would like to run somthing else

sadly if i cant find any other ftp server i will have to revert back to windows :(

I need somthing like filezilla or bpftp
id prefure bpftp

and i know this is a dumb question but how the hell do i remove programs on fedora?

thanks everyone :)

davinders 11-22-2010 02:20 AM


Please go through the below links....might be it will help ful for you.

Davinder Singh

dubnik 11-22-2010 04:21 AM


Pureftpd is far away best ftp server with great documentation.
It takes 5 min to have working ftp server.

So visit pure-ftpd page.

Noway2 11-22-2010 04:36 AM


first i need to know what ftp servers are avalible that are a gui ... i hate proftpd or vsftp.
Interesting. I am really curious, what do you HATE about it and why are you so adamant about needing a GUI for the FTP SERVER? I ask because you mention Filezilla, which is an FTP client. Using Proftpd as your server, you are still able to use your choice of clients.

Proftpd contains a couple of text files to configure, most notably proftpd.conf and is easy to set up as a basic configuration.

While I understand your frustrations and your desire for a GUI, especially coming from the Windows mindset, if you want to be a successful, let alone powerful Linux user, you will need to get past that. GUI interfaces make things easier for the beginner, but them become a crutch. They are also a limitation, restricting you to that which the designer thought you should or want to do. Once you become more familiar with the command line interface you will realize this and will appreciate the extreme difference. For example, a GUI doesn't allow you to stream together simple commands to perform a complex actions, which is one of the fundamental principles on which Linux (and its predecessor Unix) were built.

If you are having difficulty installing or configuring your FTP server, I am sure this forum can and will help you.

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