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mario.almeida 08-14-2014 06:45 AM

blocked FC remote port time out
Hi All,


Fujtisu Chassis: BX900S2
Fujitsu Blade: PRIMERGY BX924 S4
FC Connection Blade: PY CB FC SW 8Gb 18/8 26 (Brocade)
HBA: Emulex Corporation Saturn-X: LightPulse Fibre Channel Host Adapter (rev 03)
HBA Driver: Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel SCSI driver
OS: Centos 6.5 x86_64bit
Kernel: 2.6.32-431.23.3.el6.x86_64

SAN: Fujitsu DX80S
Fabric: Brocade 300

Error while booting the OS.
kernel: rport-0:0-8: blocked FC remote port time out: removing rport
kernel: rport-1:0-2: blocked FC remote port time out: removing rport

Can some one tell what and why is this error and how to fix it?

smallpond 08-14-2014 08:45 AM

Those are normal messages saying that remote fibre channel ports are not responding, so have been set to an inactive state. There is no problem on your end, unless you need those ports.

Diedrich 09-17-2015 05:10 AM

brocade + emulex problem
This thread is already fairly old - but since I found many similar questions via Google, but no real explanation, let me write down what I found out meanwhile (thanks to several colleagues who helped with the investigation, especially Andrei and Horst).

I ran into the same problem, with a different distribution. I could perform some tests, and I think I know now whats happening. My environment consists of Emulex HBAs and Brocade switches - no idea what happens with other vendor's switches or HBAs.

These messages appear every time when the HBA logs in into a Brocade fabric, i.e. at boot time, and also if the link was broken and is reinstalled. It can be caused by a portdisable/portenable cycle on the switch, or by forcing a LIP (echo 1 > /sys/class/fc_host/hostX/issue_lip); you will then receive a similar message after lpfc_devloss_tmo in dmesg or /var/log/messages.

Between issue_lip and devloss_tmo, there is an additional entry in /sys/class/fc_remote_ports, referring to FCID 0xfffcXY (XY is the domain ID of your switch), its role is "initiator", and the WWN apparently belongs to the Brocade switch where your HBA is plugged in. Apparently, the disappearing rport refers to that WWN. This entry disappears after devloss_tmo. My first idea was: diable E-port capability of the switch port, but that dooesnt help. It helps, however, to disable device probing in Brocade's switch configuration (but this requires to set the Brocade switch offline). If you can do that, this makes those messages disappear.

My conclusion is, however: these messages are more or less normal, they are not harmful, you can safely ignore them

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