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Bullz3y3 03-03-2012 12:37 AM

BIND single cname to lookup through the forwarder
I have been setting up Zimbra in my local network. I setup BIND and setup a master zone eg I mapped the cnames to the ip of the servers as below. -> ->
MX ->

I use this as a secondary (for backup purpose). The real server is in cloud. that can be accessed with if I configured to use external DNS servers Eg google DNS. Problem is if I enter in local i dont get server in cloud. I got it why! I can set the public IP of the mail server to The server may change their IP address anytime. So the problem comes.

If there's anything can be done to get the IP of from a public DNS server?

lithos 03-03-2012 01:39 AM


can you post the "Zone config" for this secondary DNS server (, ...)
and also "" if you have that on the same server?



zone "" in {
          notify yes;
          type master;
          file "master/";
          allow-transfer {; };
          allow-query { any; };

ZONE file:
; Start of Authority (SOA) records.
@  IN  SOA (
                                      2002345678      ; Serial
                                      6H    ; Refresh
                                      2H    ; Retry
                                      7D    ; Expire
                                      1D )  ; TTL

; Name Server (NS) records.

; Mail Exchange (MX) records.            IN      MX  10

; Address (A) records.
localhost                      A                A
ns                              A
www                            A                IN TXT  "v=spf1 a mx ptr"
ftp                            CNAME
mail                            A
service                          CNAME

now I have this server as primary for this zone "" and all the other zones are not configured, so it has to be searched for (i.e. etc.).

I think you shouldn't have configured your primary DNS for on this server you have, so it will need to look up for it at the "root" servers (depends if you have configured it)

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