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mpapet 12-18-2010 12:08 AM

Apache2/Worpress rewriting url to avahi's .local

I've got a home network that uses avahi's magic '.local' name service.

One computer is a server running Debian Testing/Apache2/Wordpress 3.0.x.

All the computers in the house have avahi-compatible service, so reaching the server is easy for computers.

I'd like to use my phone via the wireless lan to use the wordpress installation. The gotcha is, I can enter the ip address and get to the login page. The next page, the ip address is re-written to the avahi host name.

As an example,
1. I enter and I land on the default page.
2. Click on a page of content.
3. URL is rewritten from the numeric address to the avahi, text address.
4. This is a 404 error on the phone. The laptops handle it just fine.

How do I stop apache2 from rewriting?

bathory 12-18-2010 02:54 AM


Usually the rewritting stuff is in a .htaccess file in docroot, or in the directory where wordpress is installed.
To stop apache rewritting, set "RewriteEngine off", or just comment out the rewritting stuff. Keep in mind that this can break things and wordperss could stop working.


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