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deepakmantri81 01-30-2007 12:37 PM

apache2(2.2.4) mod_ssl
he guys ...

a bit of confusion
i have fc4 .. i need to intall apache2(2.2.4)+ opennssl+php5.2.0.
i have downloaded all the source files.
i compile and install in this order
1) zlib first then openssl with zlib configure option
2)apache with configure options --enable-ssl --with-ssl --enable-so --with-z
3)atlast php with apxs2+ssl+zlib configure options.

1)i want to know whether mod_ssl has been installed with this sort of setup or do i have to exclusively install mod_ssl.

2)how do i determine whether mod_ssl has been installed if at all its been istalled.

3)if i enable the Include directive in httpd.conf file for httpd-ssl.conf file does it load the mod_ssl module or something else is to be done for exclusively loading it.Like LoadModule parameters.

bathory 01-31-2007 04:05 AM

1. mod_ssl is already included in apache 2.x so since you used "--enable-ssl" there is no need to do anything else.


apachectl -l
3. You just include the ssl.conf file and then you have to edit it to use the pair of key/certificate in order to be able to use ssl. Take a look here for the various config options

md5 02-01-2007 11:50 AM

You can check to see if the httpd binary is linking to the proper ssl and/or zlib libs with...

ldd /path/to/httpd
Otherwise, check if httpd/modules/ exists.

Personally, I would just install whatever Apache, PHP, etc, packages you need with yum or apt. It works out better in the long run [over doing this from source].

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