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czezz 09-21-2011 06:09 AM

Apache Tomcat - Load Balancer
Under this picture (link below) there is my imagination of how HTTP Server load-balancing would looks like.

This is what I understood reading Tomcat doc.

1. All clients (workstations) send requests to one machine (Load Balancer - which is Apache Tomcat).
2. In next step Load Balancer "forward" this request to one of HTTP srvers (nodes?). Those HTTP Serverr should be set up under Apache Tomcat (this same software as Load Balancer?).

This is, I believe, a very basic configuration.
However can anyone please confirm to me that it works this way ?
Im asking because I couldnt find any picture that describes that solution.

Ujio 09-21-2011 06:37 AM


I am new in this site and this is my first message in forums section.
So I could not share URL direclty sorry.

Please search this string in or Apache Tomcat Connector Generic HowTo
You should find a page that has title "The Apache Tomcat Connector - Generic HowTo LoadBalancer HowTo"
in Apache.Org

I hope it helps


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