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jasonpsage 10-29-2006 08:55 AM

Apache Rotates Logs During Restart - How do I STOP IT?
Summary: When restarting Apache 2 with "service httpd stop" and then "apachectl graceful" (Because of SSL certificate) the log files, example: access_log becomes access_log.1, and a new access_log file is created, empty.

I only want log files appended to, not rotated. The log analyzers I'm trying to use require a specific log file to analyze. Each time I cycle the server, the data is moved. This renders the web analyzers useless.

I cannot locate anything in apachectl or in the http.conf that would determine this behavior.

Does anyone know if its possible to allow a log file to grow and not be rotated - even when the server is cycled?

Thank You very much in advance!
Jason P Sage

trickykid 10-29-2006 12:46 PM

Why append, just stop logrotate from rotating the apache logs.

jasonpsage 10-30-2006 07:23 AM

I don not know how to make it stop - that's why I'm asking...
Thank You, Tricky Kid, but you see, I do not know how to make it stop. That is why I posted a question.

When I cycle the server, it rotates the logs. Is there something I can disable named LogRotate? Is that what you are saying?

The behavior that would result from successfully doing what you said would give the append functionality I want. By appending, I mean that a particular log file will grow - because each new entry is appended to the existing file. In other words - I want my log file to grow, and not be rotated. I can't perform analysis with web log analyzer programs and things if they get rotated.

Thanx in advance for any suggestions.
Jason P Sage

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