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fishdink 06-18-2009 07:45 PM

Apache and FTP vps to work more like godaddy shared hosting
I have a drupal site on an unmanaged vps running centos 5.3 apache 2.2 mysql 5 and php 5.2 w/ safe mode on.

Apache is running apache:apache
proftpd is running ftp:ftp
ftp user is (changed) myftpuser:myftpuser with home of /var/www/html

When I was using Godaddy shared hosting I just uploaded all my site files with ftp and everything worked fine. Files were all 644 and folders were 755 by default.

Now that I have my own vps with solar vps I can't get my site to run right unless most files and folders are owned by apache, which prevents the ftp user from touching them.

How do I set up apache and ftp to work flawlessly like when I was using godaddy shared hosting. I just want it to work without having to change owner and permissions all the time and use (changed) myftpuser to upload and download all files.

scheidel21 06-19-2009 08:55 AM

try making sure that apache user is also a member of the ftp users' group then apache would have read/write/execute access according to whatever default permissions are for the ftp users group membership

I don't remember the command line to add a user to another group but a quick google should reveal that

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