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Atif_Khan 02-01-2007 06:56 AM

Apache Alias issue
Dear friends,

I am having Alias issue in httpd.conf. I have
Alias /webmail "/var/www/html/mail" in my httpd.conf but when i restart httpd it says

The Alias directive in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf at line 521 will probably never match because it overlaps an earlier Alias.

I also have
include /etc/httpd/conf/xyz/xyz.conf in the httpd.conf file and that xyz.conf file has Alias /error "/var/www/error/"

Whats the issue with Alias?

Atif_Khan 02-01-2007 01:31 PM

Strangely no reply yet. Anyone out here knows the solution for it.

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