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zerocool22 05-06-2008 03:38 AM

apache active directory require group..
Hey i have a windows Active directory and a linux server with apache, i have succesfully modded it with mod_auth_pam so it can authenticate to active directory.

I have set in Active directory users with unix attributes
john GID 155
jake GID 155
timmy GID 200

In linux i have set up a .htaccess file as such:
Authtype basic
Authname " Give active directory credentials in"
require group 155

Then i i go to the directory with a browser, i get the credentials popup but when i try to log in with john or jake. It doesnt work?

My var/log/messages says: authentication succeeds
My httpd/conf/logs/error_log says: user john/jake not in required group?

I tried to do create a group in active directory called "bosses" and give a GID of 155 to it with the unix attributes tab. But that doesnt seem to work either?

How do you get this to work?

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