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salimshahzad 01-11-2010 02:56 AM

antispam and axigen for linux
dear gurus,

we have been using 3+ years axigen with antispam bundle integrated. every release they provide bundle anti spam.

now what we found every new client/customer it take the email to spam folder. we talk to email commpany support axigen people. they said it is your anti spam problem.

we keep our rating 7. so can you advise where can i find what is standard rating of antispam. the one comes with axigen integrated called "
SpamAssassinBundled" it is part of SpamAssassin

i cant do much their except define rating of spam.

to avoid 99% our domain we put in whitelist area so that no spam tretment.but every day we have new client due to insurance company business every day we have throusands of inqiries to answer them. if such or those email goes to spam folder in mailbox of email server, user cant see then he complain to basically there is gap

they send many forumals to make us understand. the life with antispam is miserable, as staff,users,our managemetn cry everyday and list of huge complain. almost 10% offical email goes to spam list



Dave_Devnull 01-11-2010 03:51 AM

I'm not familiar with Axigen, but I am familiar with Spamassassin and anti-spam systems. Your question seems generic to mails scoring over 7 being moved by Axigen to a 'Spam' directory on the server rather than delivered?

7 is a reasonable score for Spamassassin to mark messages as spam, but in your case it seems like this is getting false positives.

Your options are probably;
1. Look at any possibilities for whitelisting legitimate mail
2. Increase the score
3. Configure Axigen to deliver the mail (tagged) to the users inbox, rather than to spam directory.

It would be worth looking at the headers of some of the blocked mails to see if there is something obviously wrong or 'spammy' that can be explained - if you are happy to post some {suitable munged}.

There was a serious recent issue with Spamassassin and the Y2010K bug which seriously increased the score of mail if the date was > 1 Jan 2010. Unless your bundle has been updated it may have this rule in place - so posting some of the headers here would be really useful.

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