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jamil.isayyed 10-15-2012 04:05 PM

adding Mailboxes in roundcube

i am wondering about this, i am going to build a script that add a new mail boxes to the database roundcube table users, and create there mailboxes directories do i need to create the inner folder also or when the user use the email they will be created automatically? is there another thing i need to do in order to make them working??

Thanks a lot and i appreciate your answers

Noway2 10-15-2012 04:37 PM

You will still need to have (create) the mailbox or maildir for the mail users. Creating the SQL entry in roundcube won't do this part.

I, personally, would recommend this tool: It is a web based user management tool for postfix that will do a lot of the user database maintenance for you. If you use it, be sure that you take proper steps to secure it, like making it accessible only on localhost (not accessibly from the Internet) and require strong credentials or a browser certificate.

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