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Felipe 07-28-2012 06:28 PM

Access database (oracle) from an ldap

From Oracle database I can access a ldap and allow developers to access ldap data in a view of oracle database. So they can work with ldap data (different ldap, incluing Active Driectory) as if were stored in Oracle database.

What I'm trying now is the other way: Developers access a ldap (trying with 389DS, but if you suggest another, I'll try) and access oracle database as if where in the LDAP. Of course, I can copy the data from the database to the ldap, but I try not to copy it, just to access database from the ldap.

Can any tell me if it is possible, what ldap server to use (of course, it has to be free/libre software), and how?


Felipe 08-03-2012 07:54 AM

I've been spending some time looking for information about this problem and I've found:
- 389DS can connect with other LDAP and rdbms, but RDBMS module is not done.
- Apache DS can connect with RDBMS but I see it's no easy.
- OpenLDAP can connect with RDBMS and only needs configurations.

But, due to I'm not an expert in LDAP, can any tell me how to configure OpenLDAP to work as a proxy for LDAPs and RDBMS (configure the module openldap-server-sql)? I'm not going to save data in OpenLDAP, only use it as a proxy for ldaps, Active Directory LDAP an Oracle RDBMS.

An example:
Quote: --> Search in ApacheDS.
servers.prg --> Search in ldap1 --> Seach in ldap2. --> Search in Active Directory --> Search in Oracle database

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