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adam_blackice 06-23-2007 05:26 PM

2 simple questions in the webmin .
hello all ...,

iam using the webmin for administration issues but i have 2 questions

1- in the cron and scheduled jobs there are many options are available like create new cron job , Control user access to cron job

but there is another option o select "Create a new environment variable" with fields 1-for user 2-variable name 3-value -Add environment variable with (two options 1-Before all cron jobs for user 2-After all cron jobs)

i want to know what is the use of this option ......

2-at the MIME types module at the handler program filed there is a '%s' beside the program name i want to know what is this "'%s'" .

and at the creation of the new MIME Type program there is option called -Test command what is this ?
-and also i want to know what is Display output in terminal,produces lots of output ??? :confused: :confused:

--By the way any help will be appreciated and thanks for this great forum

SwellJoe 06-25-2007 07:07 PM

Hey Adam,

The environment variables allow you to pass information to programs called by cron. If you don't know you need them, then you don't need them. I've never used the feature in all of my years of system administration. But, if you are running dozens of tasks and want to use a single value in all of them (like, say, a username or a email address), you could create it in one place and then whenever you need to change it, you wouldn't have to change it in every cronjob--just the variable. Same basic concept as const variables in programming (set it at the beginning and then call it throughout the program by name, so if it ever changes you only have to change it in one place).

In MIME Types the %s is a variable that represents the filename. So, when you open a file of type "application/msword" the system will fire up "ooffice", but will also stick the filename of the file on the end so the program knows what to open. This is a common convention in UNIX/Linux systems, and is used in many desktop systems in one form or another.

adam_blackice 06-25-2007 08:31 PM

iam very thankful for you really thanx swelljoe

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