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songxuanss 09-24-2007 06:46 AM

What should I do if I forget the su`s password???
I`v recently install Ubuntu on my computer but forget the su`s password, should I reinstall the system?

kotnik 09-24-2007 07:20 AM

Ofcourse not :) Problems in GNU/Linux can always be solved without reinstalling (you need to get that other system's habbits out of you :) ).

Want to set new password for root in Ubuntu? Use this command:

sudo passwd root

win32sux 09-24-2007 07:18 PM

Ubuntu sets up sudo out-of-the-box. So unless you've changed this, it's really difficult for you to forget the password, since you use it every time you log into your box (there is not root password by default). That said, Ubuntu sets up Grub with a "recovery mode" option. So even if you forget your main user's password, you basically just select the recovery mode option at boot and it automatically logs you in with root powers. You can then use the passwd command to change your user's password, and do any other fixes you need to do.

songxuanss 09-25-2007 12:31 AM

Thank you,kotnik,win32sux.

I`v solved the problem!

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