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masand 08-31-2004 11:52 PM

what is SELINUX??
hi there

i have bn going nuts on this ,so. pl. help me out here

i migrated from RH 9.0 to FC2
now when i went on to installing my application (kaffeine,kopete,--all applications from
they report an error of

/usr/bin/ld -lselinux

not found

now i came to know that is stands for security enhanced linux(selinux)
so, i tried out
securtiyenabled and securitydisable command
but they do not seem to work here

also i saw an option of some security features(mention selinux) in the kernel,which was there in the kernel iwas using,so compiled a new kernel without any security feature and too reports the same erorr
i do not know what to do. i am not able to get my application installed due to this

pl. help

Capt_Caveman 09-01-2004 01:35 AM

For stock Fedora kernels it should be off by default. In the vanilla 2.6 kernels I've compiled on FC2 systems, it's turned off as well. In fact, I think you still have to pass it a command line option at boot to activate the SELinux capabalities. That being said, here's how to specifically turn it off along with a general FAQ:

Also this specifically might help the cause:

Cerbere 09-02-2004 08:20 AM

There's a quick fix given in the follow-ups to this thread.

You should really learn to google better.

Also, you've been around long enough to know that double-posting is against the rules. If you thought your other thread would get more attention in this forum, then ask a mod to move it.

--- Cerbere

masand 09-02-2004 08:57 AM

hi cerebere

i am sorry for the double posting, but i had posted my questions in the linux-software section around 12 days ago, and could not get any update on that untill yesterday,also i do not knew that i could ask the moderator to merge my threads,so i posted this in the security section .

also thanxs for ur advice

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