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tredegar 05-24-2011 06:23 PM

Hello LQ security experts.

I came upon this post on the ubuntu forums.

The poster is concerned about posting to the internet from an oppressive country. He is wondering about tor. I am not able to offer any sensible or trusted advice.

Perhaps you can help?

Perhaps post on that forum, or refer the OP on the ubuntu forums to here.

Whatever, but this person needs help as I see it.

Best wishes.

win32sux 05-25-2011 12:21 AM

Well, you're obviously free to invite him/her over to ask questions on his/her own. Keep in mind that he/she will be subject to the same rules as everyone else, regardless of how much sympathy/empathy we may feel toward him/her and his/her situation. Requests for help circumventing network restrictions aren't compatible with the LQ Rules, so if that's the objective here then you can save him/her some time and energy by keeping the discussion somewhere else. That said, I don't see any reason for keeping this thread open, as there is really nothing security-related here to discuss (at least in the manner in which the post was created), and your link gets the exposure you desired either way.

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