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zrnaqvi 11-16-2009 06:16 PM

trouble setting up sudo to allow su - user
I have run into a problem setting up sudo on a few systems to allow a set number of user to su - to some other users. Here is the relevant section in the sudoers file

User_Alias NGQA= %group-1
Host_Alias NGQA_SYS= ALL
Runas_Alias NGQA_IDS = user-1
Cmnd_Alias NGQA_CMD = /bin/bash,/bin/sh,/bin/csh,/bin/ksh

essentially this will allow all members of group-1 to execute the listed shells as user-1

The setup works perfectly on one box and not the other. I know it is a slightly vague question as there could be a lot of differences between teh boxes but they were build from the same kickstart image so they should be very similar. But I'm new to linux as well as sudo and having some hard time tracking down errors. Is there a truss equivalent on linux?

zrnaqvi 11-16-2009 06:42 PM

looks like I solved the problem myself. On one set of servers the login shell was setup as /sbin/nologin

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