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Craig Cox 10-10-2006 11:21 AM

TCP Port not listening
I am trying to use a Firebird database backup program that runs from my windows box through a TCP port on my Suse Linux 10.1 Box.

Firebird listens on Port 3050, runs great and I can use telnet to see that it is listening on that port.

My backup application wants to listen on 3070. I opened that port in the Suse Linux Firewall, but telenet fails to connect through it. I have rebooted the Linux Box just in case, but no help.

Any suggestions?

rednuht 10-10-2006 12:08 PM

I am having a problem understanding your machine layout.
Please list number of physical machines and there physical links to each other.
Please list which machines can talk to each other in general and when using port 3050.
Have you checked (via iptables -L) that the Suse firewall is actually opening this port and that another firewall rule is not overriding your choice ?

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