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lindab_tsp 08-08-2003 06:13 AM

Swatch - Red Hat 9
I am having great difficulty installing swatch on my DNS Redhat 9.0 box.

It is telling me now that it wants Time::HiRes 1.12 installed when I "perl Makefile.PL" on swatch

The closest I can get to download is Time::HiRes 1.49
but when I try to install this I get the following error message:

/bin/sh: line1: gcc: command not found
make *** [Hires0] Error 127
What does this mean?

Please help! surely they must be an easier way to install swatch


unSpawn 08-09-2003 12:50 PM

You need gcc, the Gnu C Compiler, the gcc.*.rpm's. look on the RH disks under development.

lindab_tsp 08-12-2003 05:21 AM

Am I completely dumb? I cannot the gcc.*.rpm's. on the RH disks .

I really need to install Swatch on Red Hat 9, can someone please give me a idiot proof guide to doing this.

Please Please Please!!

unSpawn 08-12-2003 06:29 AM

Mount your RH cd's, and issue (w/o outer quotes) "find </mnt/mountpoint> -type f -name gcc\*". Eventually when you tried all them cd's it'll turn up named something like "gcc.<version>.i386.rpm". Install with "rpm -ivh </mnt/mountpoint/path/to/RPMS/>gcc.<version>.i386.rpm".
There'll be a host of dependancies necessary like binutils, autoconf etc, etc but they will all be on any of the cd's. when done, look with up2date for bugfixes/security updates.

//moderation.note: I'll move this thread to Linux - General or Linux - Newbie, your choice, because this ain't a security question.

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